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‘Israel is in a tough neighbourhood.’

That is the wry saying of Israelis who live in this tiny strip of land in the Middle East, the nation state of the Jews but a true democracy with an independent judiciary and press freedom which allows religious freedom to all citizens—Jews, Christians, and Muslims, among others. It is a country which passionately desires peace with its neighbours and seeks to establish international trading and humanitarian and cultural ties, sharing the many advanced technologies it has developed in the fields of agriculture, science, IT, and medicine.

Yet it is surrounded by countries ideologically driven and fanatically dedicated to its total destruction, especially the annihilation of the Jews. The country posing the greatest threat to Israel is Iran, which is establishing huge arsenals of guided missiles in Lebanon, Syria, and Gaza while arming and training huge proxy armies of known terrorist organisations, such as Hezbollah in Lebanon, Hamas in Gaza, and Islamic jihadists in Syria.

Their plan is to attack Israel in a pincer movement with hundreds of thousands of guided missiles fired from Lebanon, Syria, and Gaza, inflicting death and destruction to such an extent that it severely weakens Israel’s powerful defence systems and allows a massive invasion of ground troops to conquer Israel and ethnically cleanse the country of its Jews and Christians. The Iranians and their proxy armies know that the missile strike is essential to winning this war because without it, Israel has the capacity to crush the ground troop invasion.

This unfolding situation now poses imminent disaster for Israel if they cannot neutralize this threat of missile attack. But Israel has a secret weapon which can disable missiles, and it must do so without the knowledge of the enemy. The challenge now is how to deploy their new weapon without its detection and capture in enemy territory because the Iranians have been alerted to its possible existence and are doing everything possible to overcome this threat to their arsenal. The attack date is now brought forward to a matter of weeks away. Israel needs a miracle to win through before then.

Then from an unlikely source comes a secret device which could protect the new weapon from detection, but it’s now a race against time to test it and still succeed at disabling the entire missile arsenal threatening Israel before the missiles are launched in the first phase of the Iranians’ attack plan. The unfolding drama plays out not just in the field of battle but also in a secret laboratory in an Australian outback town and in the boardrooms of the leaders and the chief military advisors of Iran, Israel, the United States, and Russia.

Can Israel be saved from the imminent threat of total destruction from a determined and fanatical enemy?






Title: Weapons of Mass Disablement
Author: Ionah Arbuthnott
Publisher: XlibrisAU
ISBN: 978-1796002126
Pages: 290
Genre: Action-Adventure
Reviewed by: Anthony Avina

Pacific Book Review Star

Awarded to Books of Excellent Merit




Pacific Book Review

No matter what side of any debate a person falls on, it’s easy to see that in this world, division is what often leads to political disasters, economic fallout and worse of all, war. It was Jesse Jackson who said, “At the end of the day, we must go forward with hope and not backward by fear and division.” In author Ionah Arbuthnott’s novel Weapons of Mass Disablement, the question of division plays into a longstanding conflict that mirrors our real life situation as Iran threatens to invade and destroy Israel as the world knows it.

Playing into the real world conflicts between Israel and Iran, the story tells of Iran as a nation stockpiling and strategically placing guided missiles amongst various nations surrounding Israel. Hoping to use an attack to destabilize the nation enough to send its forces into the country, Iran hopes to finally cleanse the nation of Israel of all of its Jewish and Christian citizens. Delving into the Australian outback in the laboratory of a mysterious scientist and into the meetings of leaders from Iran, Israel, Russia, The United States and more, this novel finds a shocking new scientific discovery that has the power to stop the violence and end the war before it begins.

This was an incredibly powerful, well written narrative that brought the conflict in Israel and the Middle East into a new light. The constant struggle between these nations has been evident for years, but seeing the lengths nations are willing to go to in order to exterminate another group of people will shock and sober the reader in a very real way. The combination of action and adventure with a twist of a bit of sci-fi for good measure make this a fascinating read, giving the reader both entertainment value as well as the ability to question one’s morality and the struggle we all feel in that regard.

This is a novel for anyone who enjoys a good action-adventure tale with a global conspiracy element and some sci-fi story devices here and there. As someone who enjoys this novel, not only was I drawn into the tale but I was also fascinated with the conflict that this story was based around. It amazes the mind to see such division and violence born of hatred from one religious group geared towards another, which is something we as a people see every day not only in the Middle East, but in our own backyards as well.

This is a remarkable read that people should grab copies of today. Author Ionah Arbuthnott does a fantastic job of drawing the reader into the narrative and creating characters that make you care not only about them and their journey, but about the conflict itself in this novel. In the end, the novel showcases the folly of division due to race, gender, sexuality or religion in general, and shows that the path forward is truly through unity, not division.